Hair Care

An average adult has approximately one lakh hair on the scalp. Hair Fall is a natural part of the hair growth cycle. The physiological cycle comprises of 3 phases:

  1. ANAGEN PHASE: Growth phase from matrix cells till scalp exit which lasts from 2-7 years.
  2. CATAGEN PHASE: Transition phase – involution, starting of club formation and lasts for 2-3 weeks.
  3. TELOGEN PHASE: Complete regression, club root formation which lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Each hair follicle is independent and goes through a growth cycle at different times. Humans only shed fifty to hundred hair a day which is absolutely normal.


  1. Family history (Hereditary).
  2. Prolonged illness, fasting.
  3. Genetic disorders.
  4. Hormonal factors.
  5. Medications
  6. Excessive UV exposure
  7. Radiation therapy to Lead
  8. Stress

Hair Fall Control

  1. Avoid hair styling methods like straightening, smoothening, rebonding, application of colors/dyes.
  2. Have a balanced diet consisting of green leafy vegetables, proteins, fruits, and proper intake of water.
  3. Wash your hair twice weekly.

Androgenetic Alopecia

  1. A loss of hair from the hair-bearing region of the scalp is known as Alopecia.
  2. Androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of progressive hair loss.
  3. The male pattern androgenetic alopecia usually manifests after puberty (20’s or early 30’s) with progressive loss of hair over the fronto temporal and vertex regions which is driven by adequate androgen stimulation.
  4. It is associated with an increased conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone due to an increased activity of the enzyme 5-ɑ reductase.

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