Acne vulgaris is an inflammatory disorder of the pilosebaceous apparatus characterized by formation of various types of skin lesions including comedones, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts depending on severity of inflammatory process. Acne not only scars the skin but can also scar a patient’s self-confidence.

Aggravating Factors

  1. Hormonal factors (often there is premenstrual flare in acne )
  2. Emotional stress.
  3. Foods with high glycemic index, milk and dairy products.
  4. External application of oils and comedogenic compounds
  5. Drugs : steroids and androgens

For Treatment Of Acne Scars

Chemical Peel

Chemical peeling is application of chemical agents to the skin which creates controlled epidermal destruction and dermal inflammation which leads to exfoliation and regeneration of new epidermis. The new skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. The procedure can be repeated every fortnight or monthly depending upon the indications and depth of peel.


CO2 Fractional Laser

Fractional skin resurfacing is a highly effective procedure used to correct many skin problems such as dark spots , deep wrinkles, acne scars , open pores, stretch marks and irregular skin texture.

Dermaroller / Microneedling

  1. It is a hand held device used for microneedling. Before starting the procedure, a topical anesthesia cream is applied for 30-45 mins and the procedure is performed under aseptic precautions.
  2. During the procedure, the needles of dermaroller create pores in the dermis encouraging the release of cytokines and growth factors which in turn generate a wound healing cascade by stimulating collagen, elastin neovascularization.


Subcision is a minor surgical procedure used for treating depressed cutaneous scars and wrinkles. It is performed using a special hypodermic needle Inserted through a puncture in the skin surface.

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