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Electrosurgery mainly utilizes the heat generated in skin when various voltages of current are passed through it. Here, electricity is used to cause thermal destruction of tissue through dehydration, coagulation and vaporisation.

Mole Surgery:

  1. Mole (aka BirthMark) is termed as Nevus/Nevi in medical language.
  2. Nevi are visible, circumscribed, benign, long lasting lesions of skin or the neighbouring mucosa, reflecting genetic mosaicism
  3. Treatment is for cosmetic purposes and options include Cryosurgery, Surgical excision and ablation using lasers or radiofrequency
  4. Small moles are removed in a single session with minimal or no scarring while large moles require serial excision with minimal scar

Corn/ Warts:

  1. Corns are rough, tough, painful, raised yellowish patch of skin which results from the skin’s response to friction and pressure.
  2. Warts are described as multiple, firm, hyperkeratotic, exophytic papules and plaques with rough surface.
  3. Corns and warts are commonly seen over the palms and soles.
  4. Treatment includes electrosurgery, cryotherapy or surgical excision and ablation.

Skin Tags:

  1. Acrochordons commonly termed as ‘Skin tags’ present as skin colored or pigmented, pedunculated or sessile papules usually seen over the face and neck.
  2. These lesions can be snipped off using sharp scissors or by electrofulguration or ablative lasers.

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