Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by well demarcated erythematous, raised patches (plaques) with silvery white scales.

It is considered to be a disorder of skin hyperproliferation characterized by decrease in epidermal turnover time leading to immature keratinocytes reaching the surface and being shed as scales


  1. Genetic predisposition.
  2. Environmental triggers such as drugs chloroquine, terbinafine.
  3. Streptococcal throat infection.
  4. Vitamin D deficiency.
  5. Comorbities such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, depression

Areas affected: Thick plaques frequently occur on knees, elbows and lower back, scalp, palms, soles and nails


  1. Treatment is individualized according to the severity of disease. Mild therapies can be managed by topical therapies alone.
  2. If area of involvement is <20%, then creams and ointments should suffice. If >20%, then systemic therapy with a combination of phototherapy or topical drugs can be given.
  3. Nowadays, with advanced medical research, targeted therapy in the form of injectable biologics have also been approved for the treatment of psoriasis which are considered to have lesser side effects or end-organ toxicities.

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