Acne Surgeries

Comedone Extraction

  1. It is the most widely used method of treatment for acne vulgaris which includes extraction of blackheads (open comedones) using gentle pressure around the pore opening and whiteheads(closed comedones) by pricking with a large needle.
  2. Possible negative effects of a procedure include incomplete extraction and scarring.


This procedure which utilizes spray coagulation to destroy living tissue in a controlled manner with electric sparks is used for closed comedones.

Intralesional Injections For Keloids

  1. Keloids are pathological scars presenting as nodular lesions that extend beyond the area of injury, often continuing to grow over time.
  2. It results from the lack of controlled mechanisms, self regulating, self proliferation and tissue repair.
  3. Keloids may lead to cosmetic disfigurement and functional impairment affecting the quality of life.
  4. Intralesional corticosteroid injections alone or in combination with other treatment modalities is the most common approach to treat keloids and hypertrophic scars.


  1. Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, dermarolling or skin needling is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeated puncturing of skin with tiny, sterile needles without damaging the epidermis, setting up of wound healing cascade with release of various growth factors promoting neocollagenesis and neovascularization.
  2. It is used for a very wide range of indications including.
    1. Acne Scars
    2. Post traumatic/burn scars
    3. Alopecia
    4. Skin rejuvenation
    5. Hyperhidrosis
    6. Stretch marks

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